Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mr. Melvin Moo-OW!!!

As you can probably see, Mr. Melvin the Moo OW! has a boo-boo. He is a custom order piece. He was ordered by a friend who lives in Maryland... to be given to her friend who lives in Arizona. He will be hand delivered as he needs to have special care.

I am hoping he brings hysterical laughter to the recipient. The recipient has a broken leg you see... while branding cattle... apparently some cattle do NOT sit still during the branding. We hope she has a speedy recovery, meanwhile the pain pills and this silly cow will have to help her along.. I'm sure...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chickened out...or just not enough time...

OK, so obviously I have not finished the head-less dolls, nor have I gotten within touching distance of the monstrous sewing machine.. Failure??? not really..
Fairy Cork Art Doll
I brought to life two fairy cork art dolls. AND it did involve some hand sewing.. which I actually found to be fun... and here she is in all her splendor!
She came about from my oldest angel. My oldest angel came to me itching with a desire to create "something". She asked for a cork and if I could drill some holes for wire legs and arms. Then we came up with beads on the wires. She picked the color scheme. Then she tied some material around its waist. Then I suggested clay for shoes. She wanted buttons for hands and I gave her a bottle-cap for a head. Then she left me... the interest in the cork doll had gone.
So I kept looking at the doll... staring.. interrogating it.. I took it to work to show it off... it kept creeping into my mind.. THEN! i went crazy! Luckily, my oldest Angel did come back to me temporarily and we drilled more dolls, strung beads and I got to work. I made fancier shoes, added glitter, found more ribbons, added beaded hair to the bottle-cap. and just kept embellishing. I even found some brads to add to their chests. I was tempted to use some jewels along their collars.. but not yet.. there are more to make.. more to explore. soon.. but not now.
I still need to find bodies for those heads I made and finish that stick man... then there's the laundry, dishes, pugs, my girls, my husband and the rest of life that comes hurling at you....
I have to say I have really enjoyed this project. It brought me and my daughter together for some precious creating time. This kind of time is "priceless", as they say. I am grateful for it.
Well, I am off with my head hung low in shame... for not doing what I set out to do.. But my head perks up knowing that I may have come out with something even better!!!!
Fancy Diva Cork Art Doll

Fairy Cork Art Doll

Primitive Cork Art Doll

You can find these Art Dollies hanging out in my online shops at Artfire & Etsy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking For Art Dollie Friends

I cant stop thinking of all my art dolls that are lying around unfinished. I hear them in my sleep. They call to me and want to be finished! what does an art ADD -ict doo???? I need to find some Art Dollie Friends to inspire me to follow through.

I made most of a stick man the other day. His head is still drying. And I have two heads with no bodies from a year or two ago. Then there's the sketch book that is nearly full of ideas for Art Dolls. But alas, I am petrified for them to turn out with any imperfections.. I need to just GET OVER IT!!! oh yah, and learn to sew~ you know, before I sew across my hands. The "machine" can be so scary ~ it growls you know, and snarls. I suppose if I just go and get my tetanus shot, I will have nothing to fear, but failure itself.
WHAT AM I SAYING??? There's no FAILURE in TRYING. That's it, I am gonna conquer this sewing machine phobia if it puts me in stitches or kills me.. which ever comes first. I will put my fear of imperfection in the trash and just begin!!!

OK, check back next week. pix and tales of the adventure will follow. Caution, viewer discretion advised... it could get graphic... or bloody....      Not for the faint of heart.

(Dear Lord, Please help me. I've gotten myself in pretty deep this time Lord. I pray that you keep the needle away from my fingers and Lord please look over my thumbs too.  Love you tons, your favorite Grubby Artist Girl, me.) 'kay, I'm ready as I will ever be.

Here are the body-less (is that a word?) heads. They are my first doll faces/heads ever!!! Hand sculpted. I can't say I am in love with them, but they have character and charm that must have appealed to me in some way. After all, I still have them and didn't throw them to the dogs. 

Check back later and lets see what happens. I have a stick man in need of patching too. Some corkey dolls may show up too...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bazaar with Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Plumpy Grumpy

Notice the paper I pinned to his shirt before we left the house. He got lost anyways.
Ok so, we go to the Bazaar... we get there on time due to Mr. Grumpy pants keeping us on schedule with his huffing and puffing.

Then Mr. Plumpy Grumpy goes with us... (oops probably shouldnt call him that online...  oh well too late.) Anyway, he gets lost and takes 20 minutes to find us. Luckily, I had pinned my booth number on his shirt. Of which he complained, but then was grateful I did. Except the lady that ran the thing came by and mentioned she was glad to see the man walking around pointing at his booth number on his shirt was found. Apparently he was causing some sort of commotion at the baked goods booth.

Mr. Plumpy Grumpy Papa! Scaring more folks from the booth..
Any way they helped me get the tables set up.. Whilst grumbling all the while. The the both of these hooligans can be a good mix and a bad mix... depending..... you know, like if they have both had plenty to eat or not... (which by the way we wont mention the two hour disapearance of these two rapscallions at lunch time... only to return with soggy taco roll ups and a half a soda for me.... nope wont mention that a bit.)

At any rate, we did have a fabulous time. Met tons of people. People we knew, funny people, fussy people and very nice people from out of town. Every body loves an out-of-towner!

My two helpers were great.. you know, when they werent scaring people away from my booth!

All kidding aside this was a great cause. It was nice to raise money for the school and find homes for my creations.. I loved all the vendors around me. Having two people there to help me made set up and break down a snap! And I really enjoyed spending the day with two people I really love.. awww. Ok enough of that mushy stuff.
Part of the booth display.

Boy, I miss this little guy.

My favorite steampunk techno elf.

Fimo ornament with my illustration inside.

 Funny Moments!!! Memorable and Hysterical.

When I left for the bathroom things seemed ok.

Then Mr. Grumpy on the left falls asleep!

Mr. Grumpy wakes up and Mr. Plumpy Grumpy falls asleep.

ok next year I know we can do better if we can just stay awake......  tee hee.

What a DAY! Couldn't have wished on a star and gotten better!

More good stuff!!!! From the Studio!!

custom ornament for a dear friend.

More fun stuff from the studio.

This was at the Mountain Club.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Bazaar!! Coming up December 18, 2010 to benefit non-profits!

Ok, so still not enough chaos for us.. So I offered to represent our PTA at Lincoln School and give some of our profits up! Hey, its for the KIDS and SCHOOL and PTA!!! its a fantastic cause. Anyway, here we go!!! There will be much mess making to get ready for our FIRST Fund Raiser!! I cant wait. And the little Angels are excited too! Even the Grumpy Angel is joining in!!! yay!! it will be a family affair!
Did I mention I havent gotten out our Christmas card yet? Well, that's because I really dont want to talk about it... soon.. soon. i will have it illustrated and printed and off it will go... soon.. i hope. We may be needing a Christmas miracle here..

Ok People I hope to see you at the Last-Minute-Stocking-Stuffer Bazaar!! Prescott, AZ at the Old Armory. 10am to 4pm. Saturday, December 18, 2010!!!

I will be the one with the crazy family... going.... crazy. I am sure after 6 hours of madness.. we will surely be fit to be.. tied or committed. or a bit of both... and in need of a nap.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our First Craft Fair Coming UP!!!

December 4th, 2010 is D-day.. (Done Doing Day) Yah, I just saw this ad for Craft Fair last week and signed us up. I figured we needed a new challenge to create chaos in our lives.. we were lacking chaos at the time... so we've only got about a week to get ready.. am I worried??? Heck NO!! (ok, a little...)

STILL ~ We are excited to be a participating Artist Group at the Mountain Club Clubhouse's annual Holiday Craft Fair. The littler angels and I have been busy making all sorts of artristries for the bonanza!!! Its this next Saturday! Wish us luck. 

Just to be safe I have been researching helpful tips on how to be ready for our first Fair. I do believe part of my prep work will include things to entertain small angels. You know before the boredom monster strikes, as disaster will be sure to follow.

Packing list: Lets see, coin & dollar change, wrapping tissue, i-pod, books, crayons, juice boxes, string cheese and tons of prayers for a successful and FUN day!!!

ok i gotta go! i mean we only have like 5 days!!! and the angels are in mutiny mode!!! apparently the couch is not big enough for the two of them..

Sincerely, the Grubbiest of Angels... 

Oh-Em-Gee... is that red paint on my kitchen table?? now who would do that!?  ughhh. 
(oh crumble-bumble.... that was me with the red paint... )