Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking For Art Dollie Friends

I cant stop thinking of all my art dolls that are lying around unfinished. I hear them in my sleep. They call to me and want to be finished! what does an art ADD -ict doo???? I need to find some Art Dollie Friends to inspire me to follow through.

I made most of a stick man the other day. His head is still drying. And I have two heads with no bodies from a year or two ago. Then there's the sketch book that is nearly full of ideas for Art Dolls. But alas, I am petrified for them to turn out with any imperfections.. I need to just GET OVER IT!!! oh yah, and learn to sew~ you know, before I sew across my hands. The "machine" can be so scary ~ it growls you know, and snarls. I suppose if I just go and get my tetanus shot, I will have nothing to fear, but failure itself.
WHAT AM I SAYING??? There's no FAILURE in TRYING. That's it, I am gonna conquer this sewing machine phobia if it puts me in stitches or kills me.. which ever comes first. I will put my fear of imperfection in the trash and just begin!!!

OK, check back next week. pix and tales of the adventure will follow. Caution, viewer discretion advised... it could get graphic... or bloody....      Not for the faint of heart.

(Dear Lord, Please help me. I've gotten myself in pretty deep this time Lord. I pray that you keep the needle away from my fingers and Lord please look over my thumbs too.  Love you tons, your favorite Grubby Artist Girl, me.) 'kay, I'm ready as I will ever be.

Here are the body-less (is that a word?) heads. They are my first doll faces/heads ever!!! Hand sculpted. I can't say I am in love with them, but they have character and charm that must have appealed to me in some way. After all, I still have them and didn't throw them to the dogs. 

Check back later and lets see what happens. I have a stick man in need of patching too. Some corkey dolls may show up too...

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