Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Bazaar!! Coming up December 18, 2010 to benefit non-profits!

Ok, so still not enough chaos for us.. So I offered to represent our PTA at Lincoln School and give some of our profits up! Hey, its for the KIDS and SCHOOL and PTA!!! its a fantastic cause. Anyway, here we go!!! There will be much mess making to get ready for our FIRST Fund Raiser!! I cant wait. And the little Angels are excited too! Even the Grumpy Angel is joining in!!! yay!! it will be a family affair!
Did I mention I havent gotten out our Christmas card yet? Well, that's because I really dont want to talk about it... soon.. soon. i will have it illustrated and printed and off it will go... soon.. i hope. We may be needing a Christmas miracle here..

Ok People I hope to see you at the Last-Minute-Stocking-Stuffer Bazaar!! Prescott, AZ at the Old Armory. 10am to 4pm. Saturday, December 18, 2010!!!

I will be the one with the crazy family... going.... crazy. I am sure after 6 hours of madness.. we will surely be fit to be.. tied or committed. or a bit of both... and in need of a nap.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our First Craft Fair Coming UP!!!

December 4th, 2010 is D-day.. (Done Doing Day) Yah, I just saw this ad for Craft Fair last week and signed us up. I figured we needed a new challenge to create chaos in our lives.. we were lacking chaos at the time... so we've only got about a week to get ready.. am I worried??? Heck NO!! (ok, a little...)

STILL ~ We are excited to be a participating Artist Group at the Mountain Club Clubhouse's annual Holiday Craft Fair. The littler angels and I have been busy making all sorts of artristries for the bonanza!!! Its this next Saturday! Wish us luck. 

Just to be safe I have been researching helpful tips on how to be ready for our first Fair. I do believe part of my prep work will include things to entertain small angels. You know before the boredom monster strikes, as disaster will be sure to follow.

Packing list: Lets see, coin & dollar change, wrapping tissue, i-pod, books, crayons, juice boxes, string cheese and tons of prayers for a successful and FUN day!!!

ok i gotta go! i mean we only have like 5 days!!! and the angels are in mutiny mode!!! apparently the couch is not big enough for the two of them..

Sincerely, the Grubbiest of Angels... 

Oh-Em-Gee... is that red paint on my kitchen table?? now who would do that!?  ughhh. 
(oh crumble-bumble.... that was me with the red paint... )