Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mr. Melvin Moo-OW!!!

As you can probably see, Mr. Melvin the Moo OW! has a boo-boo. He is a custom order piece. He was ordered by a friend who lives in Maryland... to be given to her friend who lives in Arizona. He will be hand delivered as he needs to have special care.

I am hoping he brings hysterical laughter to the recipient. The recipient has a broken leg you see... while branding cattle... apparently some cattle do NOT sit still during the branding. We hope she has a speedy recovery, meanwhile the pain pills and this silly cow will have to help her along.. I'm sure...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chickened out...or just not enough time...

OK, so obviously I have not finished the head-less dolls, nor have I gotten within touching distance of the monstrous sewing machine.. Failure??? not really..
Fairy Cork Art Doll
I brought to life two fairy cork art dolls. AND it did involve some hand sewing.. which I actually found to be fun... and here she is in all her splendor!
She came about from my oldest angel. My oldest angel came to me itching with a desire to create "something". She asked for a cork and if I could drill some holes for wire legs and arms. Then we came up with beads on the wires. She picked the color scheme. Then she tied some material around its waist. Then I suggested clay for shoes. She wanted buttons for hands and I gave her a bottle-cap for a head. Then she left me... the interest in the cork doll had gone.
So I kept looking at the doll... staring.. interrogating it.. I took it to work to show it off... it kept creeping into my mind.. THEN! i went crazy! Luckily, my oldest Angel did come back to me temporarily and we drilled more dolls, strung beads and I got to work. I made fancier shoes, added glitter, found more ribbons, added beaded hair to the bottle-cap. and just kept embellishing. I even found some brads to add to their chests. I was tempted to use some jewels along their collars.. but not yet.. there are more to make.. more to explore. soon.. but not now.
I still need to find bodies for those heads I made and finish that stick man... then there's the laundry, dishes, pugs, my girls, my husband and the rest of life that comes hurling at you....
I have to say I have really enjoyed this project. It brought me and my daughter together for some precious creating time. This kind of time is "priceless", as they say. I am grateful for it.
Well, I am off with my head hung low in shame... for not doing what I set out to do.. But my head perks up knowing that I may have come out with something even better!!!!
Fancy Diva Cork Art Doll

Fairy Cork Art Doll

Primitive Cork Art Doll

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