Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bazaar with Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Plumpy Grumpy

Notice the paper I pinned to his shirt before we left the house. He got lost anyways.
Ok so, we go to the Bazaar... we get there on time due to Mr. Grumpy pants keeping us on schedule with his huffing and puffing.

Then Mr. Plumpy Grumpy goes with us... (oops probably shouldnt call him that online...  oh well too late.) Anyway, he gets lost and takes 20 minutes to find us. Luckily, I had pinned my booth number on his shirt. Of which he complained, but then was grateful I did. Except the lady that ran the thing came by and mentioned she was glad to see the man walking around pointing at his booth number on his shirt was found. Apparently he was causing some sort of commotion at the baked goods booth.

Mr. Plumpy Grumpy Papa! Scaring more folks from the booth..
Any way they helped me get the tables set up.. Whilst grumbling all the while. The the both of these hooligans can be a good mix and a bad mix... depending..... you know, like if they have both had plenty to eat or not... (which by the way we wont mention the two hour disapearance of these two rapscallions at lunch time... only to return with soggy taco roll ups and a half a soda for me.... nope wont mention that a bit.)

At any rate, we did have a fabulous time. Met tons of people. People we knew, funny people, fussy people and very nice people from out of town. Every body loves an out-of-towner!

My two helpers were great.. you know, when they werent scaring people away from my booth!

All kidding aside this was a great cause. It was nice to raise money for the school and find homes for my creations.. I loved all the vendors around me. Having two people there to help me made set up and break down a snap! And I really enjoyed spending the day with two people I really love.. awww. Ok enough of that mushy stuff.
Part of the booth display.

Boy, I miss this little guy.

My favorite steampunk techno elf.

Fimo ornament with my illustration inside.

 Funny Moments!!! Memorable and Hysterical.

When I left for the bathroom things seemed ok.

Then Mr. Grumpy on the left falls asleep!

Mr. Grumpy wakes up and Mr. Plumpy Grumpy falls asleep.

ok next year I know we can do better if we can just stay awake......  tee hee.

What a DAY! Couldn't have wished on a star and gotten better!

More good stuff!!!! From the Studio!!

custom ornament for a dear friend.

More fun stuff from the studio.

This was at the Mountain Club.

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